(Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi Vide Code : 530140)

Academic Structure

- Accidents
All precautions are taken to protect the children from accidents when they are in the school or while playing. However, in the event of any mishap immediate first aid will be administered and pupil involved will be sent to Hospital for treating if necessary. Hospital bills if any should be paid by the Parents or Guardian.

- Medical Inspection
A compulsory medical inspection of all pupils will be made once a year by qualified medical officer.

- Transportation Charges
A compulsory medical inspection of all pupils will be made once a year by qualified medical officer.

- Extra Curricular Activities
The School gives equal importance for Extra-curricular activities. To encourage the innate talents of the children, the school conducts Drawing, Story telling, Fancy Dress, Handwriting, Sports, Art & Craft, Mental, Memory Test, Recitation, Extempore, Dictation & Singing competitions for all the children at different levels. The Children are exposed to various S.U.P.W. (Socially Useful Productive work). Activities, Inter-school competitions, picnics, competitive examinations, projects and exhibitions.

- Promotion
Promotion from one grade to another will be made strictly as per the promotion rules.

- Morning Assembly
Morning Assembly is an essential part of Academic structure. Prayers are followed by a talk on some religious values by the teacher and the students. Thought of the day. Moral stories and main news are read. The assembly ends with the national anthem.

- Computer Education
Computers have become an integral part of every profession. From 1 st to 8th classes, computer education is given under the guidance and supervisìon of a well trained computer teacher.

- Music Room
Music help us to go close to the nature and enhances the pleasure of a child. Chìldren are trained for competitions and performances.

- Library
Self Study and reading habits do play an important role in achieving the goal. for this purpose, the school prides a well equipped and stacked library with vaious subjects and magazines to varied interest. Students are free to visist library and get books issued. a qualified librarian is appointed to maintain the library.

- Science Laboratory
The school has a well developed science lab having required equipments to facilitate experimental work.

- Sports And Games
Sports and Games are an integral part of education. Through sports and games, the qualities like leadership and sportsmanship are interwoven in the students under the guidance of experienced physical education teacher. Students are prepared for many indoor and outdoor games.

- Test & Examinations
Students are continuously assessed through a series of class test, unit test, terminal and Annual Examination. Promotion to the higher class depends on the child’s performance throughout the year.

- Parent Teacher Meeting
A child’s education is the combined responsibility of the school and the parents. are invited to discuss the academic progress of the child.

- Tours & Excursions
With an objective of acquaintance with our rich cultural heritage, tours and excursions are organized for the students to different places.

- Transport
The School own 15 Buses.